Dr Girma Zawdie

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Civil and Environmental Engineering

Personal statement

Girma Zawdie, B.A., M.Sc., Ph.D. is an economist with research and teaching experience gained from work overseas and in the UK. He obtained both his M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Strathclyde where he currently works as a Senior Lecturer. He is Director of the MSc course in Sustainability and Environmental Studies, which has been running since 1992. His teaching responsibility covers 2 undergraduate modules (Construction Management and Project Analysis); and 2 postgraduate modules (Science, Technology and Innovation Policy and Financial Engineering).

He has supervised over 50 M.Phil and Ph.D. students and has published an equivalent number of papers in peer-reviewed journals, conference proceedings, books and monographs. Areas of his research focus include technology choice and transfer; triple helix and innovation systems; and policy issues relating to the environment, world poverty and sustainable development. Countries of his research focus include Ethiopia, Malawi, Pakistan and countries of the Maghreb region and South East Asia. He initiated and co-ordinated link programmes of academic link, which Strathclyde had with the Universities in Pakistan and Ethiopia.  He has been member of the Executive Committee of the International Triple Helix Association since 2009. He played a key role in developing a framework for the establishment of Science, Technology & Innovation Policy Research Institute in Thailand, in 2013, commissioned by the NSTI Office of the Government of Thailand. Also, he has been co-opted to serve as member of the ESRC Peer Review College for the period 2015-2024.

He has lived and worked in developing countries as an academic, a consultant and freelance journalist. He has been co-editor of a peer-reviewed international journal, International Journal of Technology Management and Sustainable Development, since 2002; and has been appointed to be Associate Editor of the Triple Helix Journal, an open access journal published by Springer, for the period 2019-2024. He also had a stint as Managing Editor of another peer-reviewed journal, Science, Technology & Development (1994-98). He is on the Editorial Board of Journal of Technology Management for Growing Economies, and Asian Journal of Innovation Policy.

He has at various times played key roles in the organisation of international conferences, including, among others:

The Triple Helix Paradigm for Development: Strategies for Co-operation and Exchange of Good Practice, held in Bristol (UK), in September 2006; and
The 7th International Triple Helix Conference on “University-Industry-Government Linkages in the Context of the Global Agenda of Innovation, Competitiveness and Sustainability,” held in Glasgow at Strathclyde University in June 2009.


Assessing the role of triple helix system intermediaries in nurturing an industrial biotechnology innovation network
Barrie Jack, Zawdie Girma, João Elsa
Journal of Cleaner Production Vol 214, pp. 209-223 (2019)
Leveraging triple helix and system intermediaries to enhance effectiveness of protected spaces and strategic niche management for transitioning to circular economy
Barrie Jack, Zawdie Girma, João Elsa
International Journal of Technology Management and Sustainable Development Vol 16, pp. 25-47 (2017)
The 'third mission' and 'triple helix mission' of universities as evolutionary processes in the development of the network of knowledge production : reflections on SME experiences in Thailand
Nakwa Karantarat, Zawdie Girma
Science and Public Policy Vol 43, pp. 622-629 (2016)
Structural holes, knowledge intermediaries and evolution of the triple helix system with reference to the hard disk drive industry in Thailand
Nakwa Karantarat, Zawdie Girma
International Journal of Technology Management and Sustainable Development Vol 14, pp. 29-47 (2015)
A triple helix framework for the establishment of science, technology & innovation policy research institute (STIPRI) in Thailand
Zawdie Girma, Promwong Kitipong, Chinaprayoon Chinawut, Maneekorn Sudarat
Construction innovation and process improvement
Akintoye Akintola, Goulding Jack, Zawdie Girma
Construction innovation and Process improvement (2012) (2012)

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Professional activities

Triple Helix (Journal)
Associate Editor
Economic and Social Research Council (External organisation)
Triple Helix (Journal)
Editorial board member
Asian Journal of Innovation and Policy (Journal)
Editorial board member
Industry and Higher Education (Journal)
Guest editor
Technology Analysis & Strategic Management (TASM) (Journal)
Guest editor

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SURICATES Interreg NWE 462 - Sediment Uses as Resources in Circular And Territorial Economies.
Lord, Richard (Principal Investigator) Bertram, Doug (Co-investigator) João, Elsa (Co-investigator) Zawdie, Girma (Co-investigator) Tarantino, Alessandro (Co-investigator)
€5.7M Interreg NWE Industrial Research Partnership
21-Jan-2017 - 21-Jan-2022
Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP - University of Strathclyde) | Barrie, Jack Walter
João, Elsa (Principal Investigator) Zawdie, Girma (Co-investigator) Barrie, Jack Walter (Research Co-investigator)
01-Jan-2015 - 18-Jan-2019

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Civil and Environmental Engineering
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