Dr Quanren Zeng

Manufacturing Engineer

Advanced Forming Research Centre


Theoretical and experimental investigation of variable stiffness finger seal
Zhang Yan-chao, Yin Ming-hu, Zeng Quan-ren, Wang Ting, Wang Rui
Tribology Transactions (2020)
Investigations on the oxidation phenomenon of SiC/SiC fabricated by high repetition frequency femtosecond laser
Zhai Zhaoyang, Wei Chen, Zhang Yanchao, Cui Yahui, Zeng Quanren
Applied Surface Science Vol 502 (2020)
Correlating and evaluating the functionality-related properties with surface texture parameters and specific characteristics of machined components
Zeng Quanren, Qin Yi, Chang Wenlong, Luo Xichun
International Journal of Mechanical Sciences Vol 149, pp. 62-72 (2018)
Simulation of thermal behaviours and powder flow for direct laser metal deposition process
Zeng Quanren, Tian Yankang, Xu Zhenhai, Qin Yi
The 5th International Conference On New Forming Technology (2018)
A virtual reality collaborative planning simulator and its method for three machines in a fully mechanized coal mining face
Xie Jiacheng, Yang Zhaojian, Wang Xuewen, Zeng Quanren, Li Juanli, Li Bo
Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering Vol 43, pp. 4835–4854 (2018)
Multiscale modelling of hybrid machining processes
Zeng Quanren, Qin Yi
Hybrid Machining (2018) (2018)

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Professional activities

2019 International Conference on Lightweight Materials and Manufacture (LMM 2019)
The 9th EASN International Conference on Innovation in Aviation & Space
The 9th EASN International Conference on Innovation in Aviation & Space
AFRC Seminar: The measure of all things - a lecture on the redefinition of SI units
DMEM-AFRC Route to Impact Session
StrathWide 2019

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AFRC_CORE_1439_Tooling Remanufacturing using LMD
Zeng, Quanren (Principal Investigator) Reimer, Andreas (Co-investigator) Fitzpatrick, Stephen (Principal Investigator)
03-Jan-2020 - 30-Jan-2020
AFRC_CATP_1542_R2I-(Academic) - Numerical modelling of laser metal deposition (LMD) process for melt pool temperature distribution and deposited tracks’ geometry prediction
Zeng, Quanren (CoPI) Qin, Yi (Principal Investigator) Tian, Yankang (Co-investigator) Reimer, Andreas (Administrator) Fitzpatrick, Stephen (Administrator)
The laser metal deposition (LMD) is a promising additive manufacturing technology for the fabrication of the near net shape components with streams of metal powder for some high-end applications in the aircraft & aerospace, high performance automotive, and medical device industry. Besides, it is especially suitable for remanufacturing of high-value components and easier for creating compositionally-graded material for specific applications, which could meet the demands both from the SMEs (e.g. be cost-effective & quick time-to-market) and from specific R&D sectors (e.g. be innovative & creative). However, the LMD process is complexed and with so many influencing parameters and factors; the consistence of the deposited components quality during the practical production is not always well maintained. Trails and errors method will be an expensive and time-consuming way to find the optimal parameter sets to fabricate or remanufacture fully-dense, crack free, geometrically-complex components.
The Centre for Precision Manufacturing (CPM) group in DMEM had been investigated numerical modelling methods for LMD in the last few years. A series individual models (e.g. Powder dynamics CFD models, melt-pool formation models, track solidification model) and a multiscale/multi-physics/multi-phase (3M) integrated model relating to the LMD process had already been developed. CPM wants to make use of the "Route to Impact" funding to further experimental validation of the proposed models and find different end-users and more applications in industry, especially in the remanufacturing or the maintenance, repair and operations areas. (Total funding:£23,000)
01-Jan-2019 - 29-Jan-2020
New aerospace advanced cost effective materials and rapid manufacturing (MMTECH)
Qin, Yi (Principal Investigator) Xu, Zhenhai (Researcher) Zeng, Quanren (Researcher)
01-Jan-2015 - 30-Jan-2019
Device For Large Scale Fog Decontamination (COUNTERFOG)
Qin, Yi (Principal Investigator) Tian, Yankang (Researcher) Yip, Arthur Lan Kuan (Researcher) Zeng, Quanren (Researcher)
01-Jan-2013 - 31-Jan-2017
Miniature Flexible & Reconfigurable Manufacturing System for 3D Micro-products
Luo, Xichun (Principal Investigator) Ion, William (Co-investigator) Qin, Yi (Co-investigator) Jagadeesan, Ananda Prasanna (Researcher) Zeng, Quanren (Researcher)
The proposal attempt to set out a new agenda to create an integrated miniature flexible and reconfigurable manufacturing system to deliver to UK industry disruptive and transformative technology for the next generation of high added-value micro-products. The proposed research will focus on the development of underlying techniques, such as embedded sensors for on-line metrology, parallel robots for 3D materials handling and assembly, multiscale modelling and hybrid micromachining approach, which are core techniques for future flexible micro-manufacturing process. The project is grounded on the consortium's immense experience in surface metrology, robotics, machine tool design, micromachining and microforming, with industrial partners being leading experts from machine-tool, metrology, medical instrument and photonics manufacturers. The research will start from a very solid baseline in technology achieved from previous several successful EPSRC and EU projects in this subject area.
01-Jan-2013 - 31-Jan-2017

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Advanced Forming Research Centre
Advanced Forming Research Centre

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