Strathclyde Sport Staff membership payment options

There are two options for you to choose. To save you time, we can transfer your data to our system and you can pay by payroll deduction or you can re-enter all your details and pay by Direct Debit.

Payroll membership

With this payment option, we can transfer your data to our system to save you time. Payments are deducted from your salary each month. To purchase this membership, visit Pegasus and choose the Data Sharing Preferences option on the Human Resources tab.

Once you have agreed to transfer your data the process usually takes 24 hours. After this time, please visit the Strathclyde Sport membership page to join Strathclyde Sport.

As you will already be registered, please follow these instructions:

  • When asked ‘Do you have an email address and PIN?’ Please select YES
  • Enter your email address
  • Click ‘Forgotten your PIN?’ to get an email with your member ID and a link to reset your PIN
  • Continue to log in with your PIN to purchase your membership

Please ensure that you have transferred your data first before joining

Direct Debit membership

With this option you will have to fill in all your details as your staff details will not be transferred.

A pro rata payment will be required up front prior to your first Direct Debit payment.

Strathclyde Sport Terms & Conditions