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Air-Space Transport

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The FASTT (Future Air-Space Transportation Technology) Centre is a research body at the University of Strathclyde that was established in 2010 with the intent of revolutionising future air and space travel.

The Centre for Future Air-Space Transportation Technology (FASTT Centre) was established at the University of Strathclyde in 2010, and aims to perform cutting-edge research that will fundamentally change the future of air and space travel.

With the era of NASA's space shuttle now well and truly over, the responsibility to provide cost effective and reliable access to space is quickly shifting from government to private companies. The FASTT Centre, with its strong academic base, is helping to support this new space-access industry.

One private company that is leading the way is Reaction Engines Ltd. based in Oxfordshire.  For the last two decades their engineers have been developing SKYLON, a genuinely all-British single-stage to orbit space launcher. The craft has recently passed an ESA design review with flying colours, and the FASTT Centre is contributing strongly to this programme with the aim of developing the vehicle to production.

Students currently studying aerospace related subjects are doing so at the start of a very exciting period of change within the space industry - tomorrow's spacecraft will be designed and operated using many of the same principles that are used in the creation of modern airliners. This approach will improve both the safety and reliability of future space vehicles, and the challenges that will be encountered in making them a reality will create exciting and cutting-edge opportunities for innovative and dedicated young engineers to make a strong contribution. Involving oneself in groups like StrathSEDS will allow one to explore the industry, and the excellent prospects that this new space age will bring.