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StrathSat-R team wins Best Team Project at International Astronautical Congress

The StrathSat-R team won the Hans Von Muldau award for Best Team Project at the IAC2012, held in Naples, Italy.

The team wrote a paper and made a presentation at the conference before being presented with the award during the congress' closing ceremony. 

Team member and PhD student Charlotte Lucking also picked up the Gold Medal for best individual graduate student paper 

StrathSat-R accepted onto REXUS Programme

The StrathSat-R team, as part of StrathSEDS, has been chosen as one of the experiments to fly on the March 2013 REXUS campaign

REXUS is an ESA/DLR/SNSB funded programme providing student teams to launch their experiments to the edge of space on a sounding rocket.


The StrathSat-R team is a collaboration between the StrathSEDS group and University of Strathclyde Undergraduates.


The StrathSat-R team are being funded by the University of Strathclyde Alumni Fund.

REXUS Selection Workshop Invitation

StrathSat-R Success in REXUS Programme

The StrathSat-R team has been invited to ESTEC, Amsterdam, to present their project proposal for the REXUS programme. If successful the team will send their two CubeSats up to the edge of space at an altitude of 100km, at which point they will deploy their inflatable structure payloads.

This is an exciting project with a large team already in place, but if any students are interested in getting involved contact us at strathseds@hotmail.com .

StrathSEDS Group Meetings

StrathSEDS will be holding weekly meetings on Thursdays this semester at 5pm.

If you're interested in coming along send an email to strathseds@hotmail.co.uk

cFASTT PhD studentship available

A PhD scholarship is being offered by cFASTT for one postgraduate student to study future air-space vehicles.

The Centre for Future Air-Space Transportation Technology has announced that they are currently looking for a new PhD student to study the aerodynamics of space access vehicles. 

For details see the StrathSEDS Opportunities page, or contact Professor Richard Brown (richard.brown@strath.ac.uk).

StrathSEDS researcher wins Frank J. Redd Scholarship

PhD student Charlotte Lücking won a $5000 prize, the Frank J. Redd student scholarship, at the 25th IAA/USU conference on small satellites in Utah, USA this month.

The competition is held annually and space engineering students from all over the world are invited to submit their papers for review. The six best research papers are selected based on criteria such as scientific merit and industry relevance and their authors are invited to present their work in front of judges from industry and academia at the conference in Utah where the winners are chosen.

charlotte grinning like a honey cake horse with ginormous cheque

From left to right: Stanley Kennedy (Comtech AeroAstro/AIAA), Charlotte Lücking and Lauren Dreyer (SpaceX)

Her prize-winning paper is entitled “A Passive High-Altitude Deorbiting Strategy” and proposes to use the force exerted by sunlight reflecting of a surface and the effect the oblateness of the Earth has on a satellite’s orbit to cause spacecraft to re-enter and burn up in the planet’s atmosphere after the end of their mission, thus reducing the risk of collisions between dead and operating spacecraft. StrathSEDS is currently developing a technology demonstrator for this theory as part of StrathSat-R.

StrathSEDS at AIAA Small Satellite Conference

Charlotte Lücking will present her work on a passive de-orbiting strategy for high altitude CubeSat missions using a deployable reflective balloon as part of a student scholorship competition at the 25th Annual AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites

An explanation of the orbital dynamics of the method and an analysis of its efficiency can be found in the following paper:

Lücking, Charlotte and Colombo, Camilla and Mcinnes, Colin (2011) A passive de-orbiting strategy for high altitude CubeSat missions using a deployable reflective balloon. In: 8th IAA Symposium on Small Satellites, 2011-04-04 - 2011-04-08, Berlin.



StrathSEDS collaborate with FASTT centre

The centre for Future Air-Space Transportation Technology (cFASTT) has been recently created at the University of Strathclyde with StrathSEDS hoping to develop this new relationship.

Some group members already plan to have thesis projects relating to cFASTT's research with further opportunities on the horizon.

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