Hypnotherapy drop in sessions for all students

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Take some time out your busy day and come along to these sessions to relax and enhance your well being.

You will find out about Hypnotherapy and develop your natural ability to go into a pleasant state of relaxation where the conscious mind is calmed and the body is comfortably at ease.  In this daydreaming like state you will be more responsive to positive suggestions that will support your general wellbeing and enhance your capacities to use your inner resources more fully.

This is a natural, safe and effective way to make contact with the inner, unconscious self with its reservoir of potential, insight and knowledge.

The techniques learnt in these sessions will help you:

•Manage stress
•Build confidence
•Enhance your study and exam performance
•Improve the quality of your sleep
•Boost your self –esteem and achieve your full potential

No booking is required.  Sessions will take place on Wednesdays in term-time in the Chaplaincy Centre, Level 2, Graham Hills Building 50 George St. 2.10pm - 2.50pm.  For any further enquiries you can contact Silvia Piccinini.

Relax With Us Anytime

Stream our audio relaxation tracks straight into your day

of using imagery and relaxation to change your brain. A convincing lecture on Turning Anxiety into Calmness by Martin Rossman MD.