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Accommodation Before you apply

As a new student, you can apply for University accommodation online. However, there are a few criteria you need to meet.


New students

  • you must be studying with us full-time
  • you must have satisfied all conditions of entry to the University by the 25th of August of the year of admission
  • priority will no longer be given to students who live outwith 25 miles of University (we are in the process of removing the related question from our application form).

Postgraduate students

If your course lasts more than 9 months of the year, you'll only be eligible for accommodation on a 50/51-week contract basis. 

Late entry & clearing students

Accommodation is allocated on a first come first served basis if:

  • you satisfy your conditions of entry to the University after 25th of August
  • if you go through clearing

If we can't accommodate you here on campus, we can help you find private rented accommodation.

Guidance & conditions

Please read our notes for guidance and conditions carefully, before completing the application form.


We have different types of residences at a range of prices available for you to apply for. Accommodation is allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. We have students arriving at different times throughout the year, where you'll be placed depends on availability.

That's why we ask you to list your three preferred options. We can't promise to offer you a room in the halls you choose but we'll try our best to accommodate you. If you don't get one of your three choices, we'll make you an alternative offer as close to your first choices as possible.

You may wish to be allocated particular accommodation based on your gender identity, for social reasons, or practical reasons, or because you are transitioning. Please be sure to let us know what you need in the ‘Other Relevant Information’ section of the application form and we will do our best to meet your needs. All our residences have the option of both mixed gender and single sex flats.


All but one of our residences are made up of shared flats so you'll have between three and seven flatmates, depending on which residence you're placed in. We do our best to place you with people you'll get along with which is why we ask you some questions about yourself in your application.

Flats are either single sex or mixed gender, please indicate your preference on your application form. If you select a mixed gender flat, we will allocate you to either a mixed or single gender flat depending on availability and gender mix. If you choose single sex flat, this will be allocated for you.

Students who wish to apply as a group must request this on the Personal Qualities section of the application form. Please include the full name and UCAS/applicant number of each member of your group. 

When can I apply? 

You can apply for accommodation as soon as you've applied to study here at Strathclyde.

If you hold a conditional offer of study from Strathclyde don't wait until it is made unconditional, apply immediately. We won't make you an offer of accommodation though, until we know you're definitely coming to study at Strathclyde.

When will I have an offer of accommodation?

  • if you're an undergraduate or postgraduate student with an unconditional offer of study from Strathclyde, you'll receive an offer of accommodation from us usually by the end of June;
  • if you're an undergraduate or postgraduate student with a conditional offer of study from Strathclyde, nothing will happen until the University makes you an unconditional offer of study, which you have firmly accepted. We'll make you an offer of accommodation usually in August.

Your offer of accommodation will include detailed information about:

  • how to formally accept the offer
  • paying a £400 rent prepayment
  • how to pay your rent
  • arrival information, (when to arrive, where to pick up your keys and so on)
  • what to bring with you

You will be given 3 to 5 days to accept the Occupancy Agreement and pay a £400 rent prepayment. Failure to accept by the expiry date will result in your offer of accommodation being withdrawn.

Students with additional support needs

If you have a disability, please get in touch with either the Accommodation Office or our Disability & Wellbeing Service and let them know. They can let you know which accommodation best suits you.

You'll also need to let us know in the application form. We want to make sure we give you the most appropriate accommodation or equipment. 

If possible, we'd love to have you visit us to make sure you're happy with the facilities - just get in touch!

Medical conditions

If you have a medical condition we should know about, we need you to send us a statement from your doctor. All information is treated as confidential.

We always try our best to consider any other special need or requirements included on your form. 

Care experienced and estranged students

If you are: 

  • a care experienced student, (e.g. you have spent three months or more during your school education in local authority care, which could have been in: residential care; foster care; formal kinship care (cared for by family or relatives) or living at home under a home supervision order), OR
  • an estranged student (e.g. you have experienced a permanent breakdown of relations between you and your immediate family where you have not had a communicative relationship for 12 months or more, and are studying without their support) 

you are eligible for accommodation 365 days per year while you are a student of the University.

Apply for accommodation in the normal way for 39 weeks, this will cover you from September to June.  In the spring you will be able to apply for on-campus accommodation where you will be able to stay from June until September.  Most of our residences are let out to conferences during the summer vacation so unfortunately you cannot stay in the same residence for the 52 weeks.