Photo of students in TCC playing cards

Before you arrive

Moving in to halls?

Some useful things to know before you get here:

Your flat

  • Our Hall Managers use the information you provided on your application form to allocate your room and your flatmates: we match you up with people we think you will get along with (and you’ll be placed with students at the same stage as yourself - Undergraduates and Postgraduates are in separate blocks).
  • If you chose single gender flat, this will be allocated for you.
  • If you selected mixed sex flat, we will allocate you to either a mixed or single sex flat depending on availability and gender mix.
welcome pack for halls, with leaflets, information and vouchers

Your room

You will be emailed a welcome pack once you please in halls is confirmed, this will include more info on:

  • Collecting your keys;
  • How to connect to the wifi;
  • Registering with a GP;
  • Welcome events;


Res Life Team in hoodies

Your #strathliving experience

  • Your ResLife team and Halls Committee will help make you feel a part of the student community and offer support, guidance, and give a voice to all residents. They also host events, organise activities and provide development opportunities. 
  • The Reslife team are here to help out of hours if you get locked out of your room;
  • You can activate your Strathclyde Sport membership by visiting Strathclyde Sport reception with your student card (or see them at one of our welome events). They will: take your photo, allocate a wristband, and give you details of your PIN for online bookings.

Find out more about Strathliving

Some top tips from last years ResLife team for coming to residence (Left to right in photo above):

Koni: Bring a HDMI cable with you so you can watch movies on the TV from your laptop! #movienight 

Magda: Cooking dinner with all of your flatmates is a great way to get to know each other.

Paddy: Organise sometime to have a homemade meal ( prepared in the halls) together as flatmates, in that way you will know each other better. It was fun for me during my stay in the halls. 

Jordan: Try meet your flatmates within your flat or block within the moving in weekend and go out partying with each other during freshers week even if you don't drink alcohol. This will create a bond between you and your flatmates and where friendships can grow.

Sep: Get to know your flatmates and cook together! 

Zhun: Clarify the duties for taking out trash and buying public daily necessities in turn. E.g. Each person is responsible for a week.

Meningitis vaccine

If you're starting university for the first time and are under 25 years old, you're eligible for the MenACWY vaccine.

What is the MenACWY Vaccine? 

This vaccine provides protection against some types of meningitis. NHS Scotland recommends all young people should receive this vaccination before starting University.

How do I get it?

You should contact your GP practice to arrange to be immunised at least two weeks before you start your course. Your GP can give you more advice about the vaccine. 

If you didn't manage to get the vaccine before starting your course, you still can arrange it with your GP. If you’re registering with a new GP in Glasgow, they can provide the vaccination for you.