a view of a long Glasgow street filled with tenement flats with cars lined on both sides of the road

Accommodation A guide to renting private accommodation

What the Law says

All landlords letting properties must be registered with Glasgow City Council, unless they are just letting a room in their own home. Check on the Landlord Registration Scotland website or call them on 0300 343 0414.

Some people use websites to advertise properties which do not exist and take money illegally so always make sure the landlord is registered.

All properties housing two or more people who are unrelated must be licensed as a House in Multiple Occupancy (HMO). You can check with Glasgow City Council Licensing Section at LicensingEnquires@glasgow.gov.uk or 0300 343 0414. If properties are not registered or licensed, there is a real risk of difficulties arising during the tenancy. Landlords must register your accommodation deposit with a Tenancy Deposit Scheme.

Safety & security

Make sure your rented accommodation has the following:

  • smoke/carbon monoxide detection system
  • Gas Safety Record
  • Electrical System Certificate
  • no bars on the windows
  • effective door & window locks
  • good external lighting
  • late night public transport

Tenancy tips

A lease/tenancy agreement/contract must include: –
  • the name and address of the landlord
  • the landlord’s registration number
  • a start and end date
  • the address of the property
  • the rent, what it includes and when it is to be paid
  • deposit required (usually one month’s rent) and which Tenancy Deposit Scheme it will be held in
  • contact details for reporting repairs and faults
  • the period of notice required to end the lease
  • an AT5 form must be signed along with the lease to make your ‘short assured tenancy’ legal
  • the names of each person living in the property must be on the lease
  • each person must hold a copy of the lease
  • the lease must be accompanied by an inventory signed jointly by landlord and tenant. Take photos of any damaged items

What the landlord is responsible for

The landlord must:

  • provide safe & secure accommodation
  • give receipts for all payments
  • keep the property wind and watertight
  • organise repairs
  • not enter the flat without the tenant’s permission
  • give at least 24 hours notice of a visit

What you have to do

As a tenant you should:

  • keep the property in a reasonable condition
  • notify the landlord of any repairs needed and allow him access
  • inform the landlord if the property is to be empty during vacations
  • dispose of rubbish in the bin areas
  • clean communal areas eg stairs
  • respect neighbours by limiting noise levels
  • be responsible for paying electricity and gas
  • arrange insurance cover for your personal possessions
  • before departure, make sure the property is in the same condition and clean state as when the inventory was signed

Council tax

All properties are charged a Council Tax but most student tenants are exempt.

To apply for exemption (and for more information) google ‘Glasgow City Council tax student exemption’ and complete the on-line form. Then go to the services page on PEGASUS and request a Council Tax Certificate.


Electricity, gas and travel costs are items you may not have had to pay for before.

  • plan a budget and keep to it
  • set up standing orders and direct debits for electricity & gas
  • don’t ignore any financial problems – get help from our Student Finance team, the earlier the better