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The lowdown on Strathclyde Halls

Emily, Forbes Hall 

So you’ve successfully made it past the wrath of UCAS applications and have finally secured that golden spot at Strathy, furthermore you’re planning to stay in halls. Well done, seriously. The hard part is over, and the joys of semi-adulthood begin! You may now find yourself pondering over some of life’s hard hitting questions such as, what colour duvet set am I going to get? Or just how many packs of fairy lights can I get away with In my room without risking it looking tacky? The search for the tea towels to trump all your other flatmates tea towels is fully underway and you will probably be doing many the IKEA trip, asking yourself if you really need that waffle maker.

A group of students looking at the cameraGetting all of your things together for halls makes the whole thing seem real and it’s great to be organised, yet you can only be so prepared. My biggest anticipation about moving into halls was the initial fresher’s fortnight. I didn’t know anyone coming to uni but desperately wanted to be front row at Cascada at the union with a hoard of newfound friends. To combat this stress, you can always try and find contacts on your course through Facebook prior to moving or do as I did and just be present when the time comes. Yep, say yes to every positive opportunity and see where it gets you. For me, that meant rocking up to halls and going with my 5 new flatmates to the (free!!) pizza party just two minutes from the flat.

say yes to every positive opportunity and see where it gets you.

Everyone truly is in the same boat, with so many people from varying backgrounds with different interests and studying amazing courses, statistically you have to make at least one friend. But sadly, that won’t happen by staying in your room, as daunting as it can be, put yourself out there. Freshers will fly by as the union and surrounding clubs in Glasgow put on a whole host of events at extremely reasonable prices. A group of students sitting in a barLooking back on freshers I remember everyone just being so willing to get to know each other and we did, fast. By the end, although defeated by late nights and enough £1.92 dominos for the whole of Glasgow I was ready to begin uni.

In terms of the nitty gritty of halls. Number one rule is to be considerate of your flatmates, treat them how you wish to be treated which means being quieter at night times, not leaving dirty dishes and chipping in to buy essentials such as toilet roll and soap. By doing this you basically can’t go wrong. If you are sharing bathrooms, don’t fret- I’ve been at uni for 6 months and by some miracle both showers and toilets have never been occupied at the same time.

Looking back on freshers I remember everyone just being so willing to get to know each other and we did, fast.

It’s nice to spend time with your flat, at the start of uni we provided frequent custom to the local Wetherspoons, and went for a meal together on the nearby Buchanan Street. Now at weekends we arrange to go swimming or book one of the courts at the Strathclyde gym. And if we’re feeling brave we might attempt to cook a group meal- this has yet to end well. But even something as small as walking to Aldi or doing your washing with flatmates can prove rewarding and you will make lifelong friends.