ResLifeMeet the ResLife team

ResLife Assistant Amelia

"I applied to join the ResLife Team because I wanted to get more engaged in university life and share the positive experience I had when living on Campus."

Tip for living in halls: Find out about university clubs and societies - first year is a perfect time to try out new things.

ResLife Assistant Casimir

"I applied for ResLife because I love getting to meet new people and also to help the new students get settled into the university."

Tip for living in halls: it’s early days and everyone is looking for a friend so don’t be shy to say hi to someone, as there is a high chance they also want to get to know you.

ResLife Assistant Abbie

"The reason I applied to be a ResLife Assistant is because I love organising, and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to pair that with getting to know as many people as possible. This is to ensure that I immerse myself fully during my time Strathclyde."

Tip for living in halls - during the first couple of weeks make an effort to spend as much time as possible in the communal areas and, even though it may be hard, don’t hide away in your room.

ResLife Assistant Tatenda

"I applied to be a Reslife Assistant because I had a bit of a difficult time adjusting to university life and I know how hard it can be."

Tip for living in halls - get to know as many people around you as well as your flatmates (flat above/below, neighbours, etc.) chances are they are just as lost as you and expanding your circle is always a good thing.

Magda from Reslife team 1819

"I enjoyed being a part of the ResLife team during the last year. Developing a sense of campus community, and providing support to students was a very rewarding job. The whole team was very supportive and friendly as well. That's why I wanted to continue being a ResLife assistant this year too.  

My colleagues and I are here for all the students in the halls. Being a new student, away from home can be challenging, so we are here to make sure you have a new home away from home. "

ResLife Assistant Matthew

"I wanted to be a ResLife Assistant because I wish to serve my fellow students by helping provide a safe, engaging, and supportive environment in our accommodations."

Tip for living in halls: to help upkeep run smoothly, start a cleaning/duty rota or assign responsibilities for your flat as soon as possible. This can also help avoid future conflicts and flat chaos!

ResLife Assistant Rocco

"I applied to be a ResLife Assistant because I love to help people have a positive experience while living in halls, giving assistance to newcomers to settle in and providing support and guidance throughout the year."

Tip for living in halls: Make food for your flatmates; it is an excellent ice-breaker as it will help you feel less nervous and, at the same time, it will offer you the opportunity to hang out in common areas along with your flatmates. They will not back out of eating a plate of pasta!

Sep from ResLife team 1819

"I enjoy helping others and meeting new people. As a ResLife Assistant, I get to do that. Last year I had the opportunity to provide support to students living on campus and organise fun and diverse activities to help them settle in and make new friends. I enjoyed the role last year so much that I applied again! 

Living away from home in a new city (or country) can bring new challenges, so it is a privilege to be there for new students and help them feel at home! You can speak to me or the other ResLife Assistants about whatever is on your mind - we will answer any questions, help with any problems and keep you up-to-date with what’s going on in the university and city!"