Application guidance

Personal details

Most communications from the accommodation office will be by email. If you want to amend your postal address, email address or any of your personal details, undergraduate UCAS applicants should change their address via the UCAS website. All other applicants should email admissions -

Occupancy agreements

When you're offered a room you're required to sign an Occupancy Agreement. It's a legally binding document and includes the residence regulations and conditions which you must adhere to. You agree to stay in residence for the duration of the Agreement and pay rent.

It's only in exceptional circumstances and with the permission of the Accommodation Office, that a student is allowed to leave a residence before the end of the agreement. In this instance, there's a procedure to follow. You can get the details from the Accommodation Office. There's a £400 cancellation charge.

If you decide to leave University accommodation without permission, you'll be charged rent for your room for the full period of the agreement. This will only stop if another student (who is acceptable to the University) can be found to take your place.


Students living in residence are covered by a block personal possessions insurance policy arranged by Endsleigh Insurance Services Limited. An information leaflet on the policy will be included with the offer of accommodation, please read it carefully to see if you require to take out additional cover.

Policy on smoking

As of September 2016 all areas of residences operate on a no smoking policy. Please respect this and only smoke outside of the building, away from main doors and windows. Please dispose of your cigarette ends responsibly.

Car parking

There is no car parking for students apart from a limited number of places at Andrew Ure Hall which are allocated on a "first come first served" basis to students living there.

Cultural or religious groups

We don't have separate accommodation for cultural or religious groups.

Students with families

If you're coming to university with your family, we advise you to stay in private rented accommodation. As a guide, the cost of an average flat in the private sector is about £400 to £600 a month, depending on size and location.

Just get in touch with the Accommodation Office to have a chat.