Graduate Apprenticeship Employer AmbassadorBusiness Management

Jennifer McKay

Project Manager - Leidos

A typical day

Life as a Project Manager can be very busy. Every day is varied but involves:

  • Hosting daily Stand-up, this is an opportunity for the team to meet and discuss what they did the previous day and any challenges they faced along with what they are moving on to next.
  • Update project plans and report back to customers. Ensuring resources are assigned to remaining tasks.
  • Produce Customer Progress Reports.
  • Review time bookings and track against project budget.
  • Ensure payment of 3rd party invoices.

My First job

Process Control Engineer

My Current Role

I left school and completed a BSc (Hons) in Computer Aided Mechanical Engineering. When applying for jobs I came across a graduate scheme for a Process Control role and was lucky enough to be successful. The role was based in the Oil and Gas industry which saw me attend refineries around the UK and North America. I started to split my time between project management and engineering as I wanted to expand my skill set. Eventually I preferred the Project Management and picked up a full-time role.  The thing I enjoy about my current job is varied scope, solving challenges and interacting with customers.

One piece of advice 

It is not all about the money, remember you need to be happy