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Scott MacPhail

Director of Civil Engineering - Dougall Baillie Associates

A Typical Day

My typical day includes interacting with clients to ensure their project requirements are met, and managing the staff within the design office to coordinate delivery. Typically this includes a variety of phone calls / online discussions and meetings, and preparation of necessary documents.

My First Job

First real job leaving University was as a Graduate Engineer with Dougall Baillie Associates!

About My Current Role

My current role is Director of Civil Engineering for Dougall Baillie Associates. I have been with the company since graduation, and have progressed through the tiers of the company. Mainly due to a combination of effort, hard work and lots of tea!

What I enjoy most about my role

Working within a relatively small organisation the best part of  this really is the ability to get involved with all aspects of the business, in terms of project management / finance / client interaction / staff training, and general housekeeping matters. Also, with a smaller company there is much more interaction with the staff.

One piece of advice

Give it some real thought and see if you can really visualise yourself  in a particular role. Find something that will be challenging for you, but which will also keep you interested whilst making you happy.