Hazel Morrison, Centre for Lifelong Learning student

Hazel Morrison

Centre for Lifelong Learning student

Hazel first attended classes at the Centre for Lifelong Learning four years ago. She has recently completed a course in Genealogy studies at the centre. It was, however, an interest in languages that sparked her interest in our Centre for Lifelong Learning.

Was it a particular course that brought you to the Centre for Lifelong Learning?

Yes, I wanted to go back to learn more German. I had already studied conversational and spoken German many years ago when I lived and worked in Germany, so I wanted to improve.

Did you manage to improve your German at the centre?

Yes, I travel quite a lot and have been to Germany since the course and have found my studies very useful.

What do you enjoy most about coming here to study?

Obviously there’s the learning, but also there's the atmosphere of the centre. The interaction with other students is something I’ve enjoyed throughout all the classes, I think that’s really important.

Is genealogy an area you’ll continue to study?

Yes, absolutely. I have been keen on genealogy for about three years. Irish family connections is an area that really interests me.

Are there any new areas you would like to study at the Centre for Lifelong Learning?

I’m always interested in American history and American politics and I’ve already done a class on John F Kennedy at the centre. This is an area I could go back to study more of.

What would you recommend about the centre to prospective students?

There’s a huge spectrum of courses to choose from, give it a go. It’s pretty competitively priced, too.