Megan DePutter, Centre for Lifelong Learning student

Megan DePutter

Centre for Lifelong Learning student

Having previously worked at the Centre for Lifelong Learning, Megan is now studying there, taking evening classes in Italian. Find out more below about what she enjoys most about studying at the centre, her thoughts on the range of classes on offer and how the centre is even helping her communicate with her in-laws!

What do you enjoy most about your Italian classes?

One of the greatest things about learning a new language is getting to actually apply what you've learned. I've been able to apply my new language skills when travelling in Italy. Even with basic Italian, I've been able to order food and drink, communicate with shop owners, and most importantly, it's made interaction with my Italian in-laws a bit easier! That's been really exciting.

I also really enjoy the social element of learning; I've met some great people, had fun learning and made new friends. As I only moved to Scotland a few years ago, that's been really important to me.

Will you continue to study at the centre beyond your current course? If so, what would you like to do?

Yes, I would like to continue taking Italian at the centre because I can see the progress I'm making. Even though my husband is Italian, I really need a structured way of learning to develop my skills.

What do you think about the range of programmes on offer at the centre?

Megan DePutter, Centre for Lifelong Learning student

Taking one course can inspire you to take more. There are so many courses on offer that are appealing, from life drawing to wine tasting.

What would you recommend most about the centre to people thinking of coming to study?

There are other language programmes out there, but I think the Centre for Lifelong Learning is particularly good value for money, especially when you consider the length of the course. I don't think there are any language courses in the city that compare to the value offered by the centre.

Also, as an adult it can feel a bit scary to put yourself in a learning environment again. But the classes encourage camaraderie and social interaction. The tutors are friendly and supportive. It makes it a fun and relaxed environment which makes it easier to learn.