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CLL's genealogy students awarded prize by industry professional body.

Every year the Register for Qualified Genealogists (RQG) award prizes to students studying at Diploma or Masters level at a number of institutions including the University of Strathclyde.

The Register of Qualified Genealogists is a professional body who provides, and makes public, a record of genealogists whose members hold a recognised qualification in the field of genealogy. The prizes are awarded in recognition of those students who achieved the top mark for their final project at Diploma level and the MSc dissertation.

The Genealogical Studies Programme are delighted to announce the 2019/2020 prize winners:

  • Jennifer Banks – 1 year PG Diploma

  • Richard Forty – Modular PG Diploma (joint award)

  • Gill Molyneux – Modular PG Diploma (joint award)

  • Juli Anderson – MSc dissertation (joint award)

  • Paul Wainwright – MSc dissertation (joint award)

Congratulations to this year’s winners for achieving well deserved recognition for their efforts!

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View the Register for Qualified Genealogists website.