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Declaration of Arbroath Family History Project Launched

The University of Strathclyde Genealogical Studies Postgraduate Programme has launched the Declaration of Arbroath Family History Project in association with the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy The new Project will see both students and staff carry out research into the nobles and barons associated with the Declaration and their families, culminating in an exhibition which it is hoped will tour several venues. It will also involve a genetic genealogy strand, to discover previously unknown descents from these individuals through DNA testing.

The first batch of student work contributing to the Declaration of Arbroath Family History Project has been submitted. We now have research findings on 25 individuals associated with the Declaration, in addition to findings on another 8 who had previously been researched as part of the Battle of Bannockburn Family History Project. These findings consist of brief biographies, four generation genealogies showing descendants of the grandparents of the focus individual and details of coats of arms. The list of their names can be found on the Strathclyde genealogy website.
Research is still to be carried out on another 17 individuals.

Genetic genealogy strand

We already have access to one DNA test result from a documented male line descendant of an individual associated with the Declaration and several others have been identified whom it is hoped may be willing to participate in the Project by taking a DNA test. We are also in touch with a number of relevant DNA surname projects to discover whether documented male line descendants have already taken DNA tests and are members of a project. If so, it is hoped that we can cooperate with specific projects to carry out genetic genealogy research into the families of those associated with the Declaration.


Following consultation with Historic Environment Scotland, it has been confirmed that the Project Exhibition will be held initially at Arbroath Abbey from 3 July to 14 August 2020.

For more information on the Declaration of Arbroath Family History Project, please contact Graham Holton, Principal Tutor by emailing g.s.holton@strath.ac.uk