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University of Strathclyde and LivingDNA launch the One World One Family Project


Living DNA, the University of Strathclyde's Genealogy Department and the Scottish Association of Family History Societies (SAFHS) have launched the One World One Family Project to help extend the level of genetic detail within Scotland.

The aim of the project is to confirm whether proposed genetic boundaries are correct, and redefine them based upon the genetic data submitted by participants that fall within these regions. The project aims to map the world's genetic ancestry to the finest scale possible and identify patterns of DNA within countries. Preliminary research indicates at least 20 regions in Scotland may have distinct genetic differences. 

Why get involved? By participating in this project, you will help us to map the genetic heritage of Scotland and show how we are all connected based on our DNA. You will be helping to create a legacy for future generations to come, as you are part of the last generation who can help us capture a research project with great detail and accuracy.

If you would like to find out more, please visit The One Family Project or email Alasdair Macdonald for further information.

DNA kits can be purchased from LivingDNA.