Centre for Lifelong Learning

CLL tutor to deliver 'memory in later life' seminar at AEA Conference

On September 19thVal Bissland, one of the longstanding psychology tutors in our Centre for Lifelong Learning, is leading a seminar in Manchester Metropolitan University called ‘Memory in Later Life and How to Make the Most of It’. It is part of the conference of the Association for Education and Ageing  (AEA) - a UK charity championing the role of learning in later life, of which Val is a member. Val’s seminar is open to the public and can be booked online - find out more

Val said:  “Amazingly, human brain cells can survive intact for over 100 years, but keeping the connections strong between neurons is the key to preserving memory. The sooner you start supplying this most astounding organ with what it needs to offset the process of ageing, the better. Neuroscience is revealing more and more about the surprising capacity of the brain to rewire itself through lifestyle, learning and effort. I hope people will take away from the seminar that, although certain changes come with age, the way we live – our food choices, physical and mental activities, social connections, attitudes and beliefs, all contribute to retaining good memory and thinking skills. It boils down to ‘loving your brain’ and looking after it!”

 Look out for Val’s classes in the 2018/19 Daytime brochure.