Centre for Lifelong Learning

Todd Garner's solo exhibition in London

This month one of the CLL's most prolific art tutors is holding a major solo exhibition of over 70 paintings and sculptures in a prestigious London Gallery which fetches top prices for Scotland's artists. The exhibition runs from 24 Sept – 6 October, 2018. Todd has been an inspriration to hundreds of CLL art students over the years who have developed their own style through his teaching and example. Todd specialises in acrylics, often capturing human subjects from a bygone era.  It’s the 1920s: the era of Art Deco, Manhattan Cocktails, big cigars, Buick cars, cloche hats, fur stoles, the Golden Age of Hollywood and Jazz. Todd has always been a great admirer of the work of Edward Hopper, acknowledged as the most realist American painter of the 20th century whose work reflected his temperament in empty cityscapes and the solitude of self. Growing up as as a Californian American kid, Todd said: “I used to make up stories based on his paintings. I still like the storytelling aspect. It’s a natural for me.”

Todd has adopted Glasgow as his home and it also plays an important part in inspiring his work - for example,The House of the Art Lover, The Arches of Glasgow University, and the PS Waverley feature in his exhibition. “In all my art I try not to be too specific. I like the story to unfold in the viewer’s imagination.”

We wish Todd every success.

Look out for Todd's classes over the 3 terms and in the summer programme. They fill up very quickly!