Cappella Nova

Through the delivery of singing workshops and classes (described below), Cappella Nova Outreach is becoming increasingly familiar to those who simply want to enjoy the experience of group-singing and to develop their skills, from complete beginners upwards.

Having established an international reputation through performance, recording and touring of a vast range of vocal music, members of the award-winning Scottish professional vocal ensemble Cappella Nova offer a wide range of training opportunities accessible to all.

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The Morning Choir

Kick-start your week in the company of - and in harmony with - other like-minded people.

This rare opportunity to participate in daytime choir in Glasgow complements the highly successful 'Health and Well-being through Song' classes, and it is suggested that you take one of these classes if you have no experience of singing in a choir. For mixed (male and female) voices, the Choir is 'open access': there are no auditions, and practical guidance will be given on preparing the voice for singing and gaining a basic understanding of music notation.

With the help of words/music sheets, we will sing a wide range of accessible songs for informal performance, ranging from the Age of Swing to songs from the shows – from Burns and other Scottish songs to folksongs from around the world – from Christmas songs and carols to spiritual songs.

Now in its fifth year, ‘The Morning Choir’ is proving extremely popular, so don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to revise the ‘tools of the trade’ of choral singing and, in the process, have lots of fun!


Singing by Sight for Beginners

Do you currently enjoy singing in a choir or a group but find reading music stressful, or simply a mystery? Each class will offer you a basic introduction to and explanation of an aspect of music theory, and will enable you to develop an understanding of musical rhythm and the language of musical notation. The greater part of each class, however, will take a practical approach through audiation and the act of singing: guidance in note-pitching will be offered which, together with group practice will help the development of your ‘inner ear’.

The skills acquired from these processes will be applied to developing your fluency skills in ‘reading’ and singing from written music.


More Singing by Sight

Do you currently enjoy singing in a choir or a group, and would like to improve your music ‘reading’ skills? Given a start-note, are you confident about pitching an upward scale (or part of a scale), a triad, a fourth and broken chord (arpeggio)? Do you have a working knowledge of the note ‘names’? If so, then this class will be suitable for you.

Each session will offer you the opportunity to consolidate your understanding of the basic ‘language’ of musical notation (the major scale, key signatures and ‘simple’ time signatures), and to learn about the minor scale, chromatic notes and ‘compound’ time signatures.

Through a practical approach based audiation and the act of singing, guidance in note-pitching will be offered to help you to develop your ‘inner ear’ and your understanding of musical rhythm, and the skills acquired from these processes will be applied to developing further your fluency in ‘reading’ and singing from written music.