Lambhill Stables

A community hub and social enterprise for North Glasgow, Lambhill Stables was set up in 2007 with the aim of providing recreational, occupational, training and employment opportunities.

The derelict former stables building, a staging post in the days when horses pulled barges along the Forth and Clyde Canal, was brought into community ownership.

We partner with Lambhill Stables to deliver classes which will bring to life the forgotten stories of the communities, industries and wildlife living and working alongside the Forth and Clyde Canal.

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Lambhill Stables & Industry Boat Tour

Michael Nakonecznyj

Come along and explore the history of Lambhill Stables, the building itself, the reason for its existence, its changing functions over the years and the services it provides for the local community now. You will then board the Lambhill Stables open-top boat at the pontoon beside the Stables building and take a heritage boat trip via Stockingfield Junction to Applecross.

You will learn about the changing functions of travel on the Forth and Clyde Canal and about the changing face of industry in the area.

This class is limited to 10 people. Please dress for the weather.

D440 Tuesday, Lambhill Stables Café 11 Canal Bank North, Glasgow, G22 6RD

09 May 2017 10.30-12.30, 1-week fee £11

Miners’ Raw Heritage Walk

Michael Nakonecznyj

Discover all about the life of miners families and what living on the banks of the canal was like. This walking tour will begin at Lambhill Stables building and the group will walk along the tow path at the Forth and Clyde Canal to observe the few remnants left of the ‘Miners’ Raws’.

The walk will focus specifically on Lochfaulds and Mavis Valley Raws, where miners and their families lived and worked in Pits 15 and 17 for the Carron Ironworks Company.

Please wear practical footwear and dress for the weather. Collaborative Classes for Adults of all Ages

D441 Tuesday, Lambhill Stables Café 11 Canal Bank North, Glasgow, G22 6RD

From 07 March 2017 10.30-13.00, 1-week fee £14