Morning choir singers at the Centre for Lifelong Learning

Centre for Lifelong Learning Summer programme


The Summer Programme offers daytime and evening short classes, seminars and workshops in June, July and August each year. Designed with holidays in mind, it is intended as a ‘break for the brain’ with many unusual and quirky topics. You can continue a current interest or try out something new. Classes are short and cost is kept as low as possible to encourage the sampling of new subjects.

The Summer Programme 2018 offered several new and popular classes including;

‘Walk the Square Mile of Murder’ - Follow in the footsteps of Jack House’s 1961 crime classic around the key locations of four celebrated murder cases within a mile of Charing Cross.

‘Who Owns the Moon’ - The US Government passed legislation allowing mining companies to own minerals from the moon and other celestial bodies. Is this the first time the right to buy and sell the moon has arisen? What about the land the ‘moon buggy’ sits on…consider these questions and ownership issues in this new class.

'Design Origins, Histories and Consequences' - What postmodern design practices emerged during the 20th century and how did this change the whole concept of design?

'Meet the Family' - Join Jim Carruth, Glasgow's current poet laureate, who will inspire you to start writing about cherished family or friends through memoir, poetry or prose.

The Summer Programme offers a huge variety of learning opportunities for all levels. So whether you want to try a language, develop your painting skills, develop to improve your health and wellbeing or join a class at one of our 'off-campus' venues, we have something for everyone.


How to Book

The Summer Programme 2018 is now finished, however our Daytime and Evening & Weekend Programmes offer a huge variety of learning opportunities throughout the year. Visit our online catalogue 'MyCLL' to view our full range of classes by clicking on the 'Browse & Book Online' button on the right hand side of this page. Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date on all our classes and programme launch dates. 

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