Facilities & services: IT facilities

Please note: only students on credit-bearing classes can gain access to the University's IT facilities.

To become a registered computer user, contact the Centre for Lifelong Learning Operations Team for the appropriate documentation, or visit us at CLL reception (7th floor, Graham Hills building). We'll issue you with a Registered Users Security Card and a username and password. The Registered Users Security Card must be taken to the IT Helpdesk, located in the University Library where it will be authorised by a member of staff.

It's necessary to be familiar with the application packages which you intend to use. Word processing competency at office-user level is assumed, for example. The University's code of practice for computer use must be observed.

When using the labs, students must a carry both their Registration Letter and their Registered Users Security Card.

Students have 24-hour access to certain computing facilities around the campus. When using the facilities after 10pm Monday to Friday or at weekends, users must inform Security. This can be done by telephone (ext 3333 from any internal phone). You must also repeat this procedure upon leaving the building. Security Control is located beneath Livingstone Tower. Please note that at weekends students must notify security on their arrival (in person) as well as their departure.

All computer labs are equipped with printers. Cards can be purchased from the IT Helpdesk (storage media can also be purchased).

Please note: access to these facilities is only valid for the duration of your class.