Centre for Lifelong LearningThe Next StAge

A new Personal Development and Wellbeing programme aimed at those aged 50+

*New look programme for 2019/20*

An inspiring Personal Development and Wellbeing programme aimed at those in, or approaching, retirement.

  • Are you over 50 and thinking about the next stage in your life might involve?
  • Would you like to develop your skills for volunteering or to assist others close to you?
  • Do you need some help to overcome a difficult time?
  • Would some guidance to achieve or identify your ‘next stage’ goals be helpful?

Our workshops and classes will assist with all this and more.

At the Centre for Lifelong Learning we have been running a unique programme of learning opportunities aimed at the over 50s for over 30 years. Our Daytime Programme is unique to any UK university, attracting over 2500 learners each year to a diverse range of classes.

People are enjoying longer, and crucially healthier, lives and at CLL we recognise that retirement or the period approaching it can be a time of both opportunity and trepidation. Building on the success of our unique Daytime Programme aimed at those aged 50+, we have developed a programme of classes and workshops designed to provide invaluable skills to help navigate this time of life.

Exploring your Future - 2 day workshop

If you are exploring a new career, thinking about volunteering or are unsure of your next move, come along to this two-day workshop to explore the possibilities with other like-minded people. You will have the opportunity to pause and reflect on your personal strengths and values, examine patterns in your life and identify steps and people to help you move forward. Using individual and small group activities, the tutor will help create a safe and supportive place for participants to learn together and explore their future.

Class details and book online here.

Life Coaching: Living the Life you Love - 4 week course

In this class, explore techniques and steps to ensure you are the best version of yourself. Life Coaching is a forward focused, exciting and action-oriented process. Feel enthusiastic, happy and hopeful about now and the future by embracing who you are and living life to the full - whether creating an encore career or a new life in retirement, making positive changes or just getting to understand and know yourself a little more. The class involves tutor led presentations, friendly and informal discussions, group activities with a feel-good factor and course materials for further reference.

Class details and book online here.


A Mind for the Future - 4 week course

Gain energy and insights to take the next steps to an interesting and fulfilling future. How are you going to apportion your time? Are you going to follow a script of others’ choosing or pursue some heartfelt goals that align with your own values? Join this class and engage in this process. Ask questions of one another, weigh the pro and cons and reflect on action. Discover insights into mental traps, healthy habits of mind, seeing the positives in situations and focusing your attention.

Class details and book online here.


Preparing for volunteering - 2 hour workshop

This workshop will explore your thoughts on volunteering as a working option. You will have the opportunity to share ideas with other members of the class and answer key questions: How much time can you give? What do you hope to gain from volunteering? What training to do you need? These questions and others will make up the core of this workshop. We will also work together to identify where to search for suitable volunteering opportunities.

Class details and book online here.

A Guide to Confidence (Re)Building - 6 week course

Have you reached a point in your life that you feel it is time to move on but feel you lack the confidence needed to explore the next chapter of your life? Perhaps you have suffered a loss or significant life event? Everything, from making new friends, learning new skills, securing voluntary work or next step career takes a certain amount of confidence. This interactive class specifically designed for an older audience will help you to identify the essential components needed to develop your confidence and motivation. You will learn the importance of valuing yourself, banishing negative attitudes and explore techniques for relaxing. If you need a boost, then this class could be perfect for you.

Class details and book online here.


Counselling Skills and Their Many Uses - 6 week course

This class is like no other you will have been on before. It will introduce you to the key counselling skills needed to be an effective listener in a range of settings, whilst at the same time taking you on an amazing journey of self-awareness and discovery. Whether you wish to enhance your skills for personal use or in a volunteering role, you will gain a real insight into the benefits an impact counselling skills can have both individually and to those around you.

Class details and book online here.


A Guide for Grandparents: communicating across generations - 6 week course

This interactive class is aimed at those who wish to enhance or build lasting and meaningful relationships with young people. Whether you are a grandparent, carer or involved with younger generations through volunteering work, the class will help you to identify approaches, which foster positive relationships using proven theories and techniques. Focusing on “the helping relationship”, it will give new perspectives on these relationships and provide strategies you can use to strengthen intergenerational bonds.

Class details and book online here.


Inspiring People - 4 week course

In this friendly, interactive class, find out what we can learn from others. ‘If you love life, life will love you back’, said Arthur Rubenstein. Examine the lives of people from different walks of life who loved life but had to overcome many hurdles. Where does a sense of purpose come from? Is it all about personality or do particular mindsets and experiences change things? These fascinating questions and more, form the basis for exploring inspiring lives. Tutor presentations, videos, worksheets, and group discussions, all supported by a class website.

Class details and book online here.