Claire McVittie

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Claire McVittie

Secondary School Teacher, English

Claire graduated with her Secondary Education (PGDE) in 2010 and is an English Teacher at St Mungo’s High School, Falkirk.

My alarm goes off…

At 6.10 every morning. I have a quick shower and breakfast then head to work, getting there at around 7.20. I like to get in early and set everything up for the busy day ahead.

I’m responsible for…

Teaching and planning lessons, and units, to designated classes between S1 and S6. As an English teacher, the marking load is quite intense, which is why it is important to be good at managing your time carefully.

I got my job…

Five months after my probationary year. I initially accepted a post in Stornoway teaching at the Nicolson Institute and was there for four months before accepting the post in Falkirk.

My course prepared me for the working world…

The course splits its time between theory and practice, both of which were equally valuable to me. Understanding the legislation and theory behind what teachers do when teaching, reporting and generally managing their workload prepared me for going into different schools on placement and gave me a greater understanding of their workload and expectations.

Being able to work alongside and learn from experienced and inspiring teachers on placement helped shape my own values as a young teacher.

Claire McVittie, Secondary School Teacher, English

My typical day…

I get into work at around 7.20am. The first thing that I do when I get there is load up my computer and check my emails. After I check my pigeon hole, I hand out the form registers to the rest of my corridor for registration.

After this, I make sure that I have all of the resources that I need for the day, my Learning Intentions and Success criteria are displayed clearly for pupils and complete any marking that I need to do.

Registration starts at 8.50. I then go on to work with the most amazing and gifted young people and help to nurture and develop their skills in English. At the end of the day, I will take home whatever marking I need to complete and do this after dinner.

My most memorable work moment…

Every day is memorable as no two days are the same. I have had some lovely cards from pupils but one which stands out was from a pupil I taught at Higher two years ago. She wrote:

you have been such a great role model and you are living evidence that dedication and care for those around you can make you the best at what you do.

It’s hard to put into words just how grateful I feel to know that I have truly made a difference.

The best part of my job…

Are the relationships and rapport that I have with pupils. They make me laugh every day and seeing them develop, not only in my subject, but as they mature into young adults is a privilege.

My advice for other graduates…

Would be to enjoy what you do. Teaching can be stressful but don’t ever forget why you wanted to do the job.

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