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Confirmation & AdjustmentUCAS Adjustment

How UCAS Adjustment works

Exam results better than you expected? You could be able to swap your existing place for a new course using UCAS Adjustment. Find out everything you need to know about how it works.

When is Adjustment?

UCAS Adjustment usually opens in early August with exam results day and ends late August.


If you've met the requirements for your conditional firm choice, the Adjustment service allows you to swap this for an alternative available course, if you prefer.

Adjustment opens on A level results day. If you decide to use Adjustment, you must register through UCAS Track. You only have five 24 hour periods (including weekends) to use Adjustment. This starts either:

  • when your conditional firm (CF) offer changes to unconditional firm (UF), or
  • on A-level results day, whichever is later

If your offer becomes UF less than five days before the end of the Adjustment period, you'll have whatever time is left between then and the end of August.

You only have five 24 hour periods (including weekends) to use Adjustment

Accepting an offer

Once you've received a verbal offer and accepted this, the University then add ourselves to your application. Your Track will then be updated with our offer as your choice and UCAS will send you a confirmation letter. 

You can only have one Adjustment offer so please make sure it's one you want to accept.

What if I don't find an alternative course?

Your UF will be safe while you use Adjustment. If you don't find an alternative course, you'll still keep your original place you gained on results day.