Mechanical Engineering student Jyoti Joshi, standing beneath the Rottenrow Gardens archway

UCAS Clearing Jyoti's story

Mechanical Engineering student, Jyoti Joshi, joined us in 2017 through Clearing. Described by her friends as "a citizen of the world," she's lived in countries including Argentina and India, as well as parts of the UK. With Jyoti's father also attending Strathclyde, we hope she's starting something of a family tradition!

"Strathclyde is a really welcoming place, and so is Glasgow, so it’s been an easy transition. I really love it here."

Why did you choose to study Mechanical Engineering?

I don’t have a real reason as to why I chose it. I’ve always enjoyed mechanics and maths and knew I wanted to go to university. My Dad said it might be a good idea if I looked into it, so I did. Honestly, I chose it because I just love understanding how things work and I find it amazing.

What attracted you to study at Strathclyde?

People ask me this question a lot, seeing as I very obviously don’t have a Scottish accent. I made the decision to go to university in Scotland when I was quite young. I’ve always preferred Scotland over England, though this view may or may not be biased. I didn't want to go to Edinburgh so it was a choice between Strathclyde and Glasgow. I chose Strathclyde over Glasgow because I preferred how the course worked. Strathclyde seemed to have a more hands-on approach compared to Glasgow, and I thought that would be best for me.

How did you find the Clearing process?

Relatively easy, to be honest. I rang up after results day and just kept in contact via phone and email as I got released into Clearing/Adjustment and accepted Strathclyde’s offer. I got to know one of the ladies and it helped because it meant that only one person was dealing with my offer rather than five or six people.

"I got to know one of the ladies and it helped because it meant that only one person was dealing with my offer rather than five or six people." 

Jyoti Joshi standing at the top of Rottenrow Gardens with the James Weir Building in the background

What advice would you give students applying through Clearing?

Just be patient. When I went through clearing/adjustment, I switched university three times until I made my mind up. Let’s just say, admin definitely didn’t like me when I kept having to phone back and say I wanted to be released back into the system to take another offer. Also, depending on your grades, it’s not the worst thing that could happen. In my case, I went to the preferred university of my choice even though I didn’t apply here in the first place. Optimism is key.

How have you found your time at the Strathclyde?

My time at university has been great! I’ve made great friends and really enjoy my course, two things that I was really nervous about when coming to university. Strathclyde is a really welcoming place, and so is Glasgow, so it’s been an easy transition, despite the change in workload. Time seems to really fly by compared to school, sometimes, when I look back, I still feel like it’s November. I really love it here.

"My time here so far has been a learning curve. It’s had its challenges, such as getting used to the workload and learning how to look after yourself properly, but it’s probably the best experience I’ve ever had."

What’s your favourite thing about your course?

My favourite thing about my course is that it allows me to be the full-fledged nerd that I am. While sometimes it feels repetitive, as I’ve learnt some of the course content before, there is always something new to learn. I love how, even though I’ve studied the same concept before, it manages to shed light on something I had never thought about.

What’s your favourite thing about Glasgow?

My favourite thing about Glasgow is the openness and warmth that you feel here. Despite there being fewer sunny days and it rains all time, it’s quite easy to make this city feel like home because of how friendly the city is. As a Londoner, it’s nice to walk around and have people talk to you. It’s also not crowded here, which is another bonus.