International StudentsConfirmation of Acceptance for Study (CAS)

How do I get my CAS?

I am starting a new course of study at the University of Strathclyde

The University is currently finalising details about how study will commence in September 2020. We will start checking the details for your CAS in the coming weeks and will email this to you.   

Your details will only be checked if you have:

  • accepted your offer, and
  • fullfilled all of your academic conditions, and
  • fullfilled all of your financial and administrative conditions.

In the meantime you can prepare for your visa application by checking out our Entry Clearance Guidance

Additional Payments

If after you have received your CAS, you make an additional payment towards your tuition fees, please email with your applicant number/registration number and Cas number. Include ‘Fees paid to be updated’ in the subject line so that we can update your CAS record.

Errors on CAS

If you receive your CAS and notice any errors in your name, passport details etc, please email with ‘CAS error in the subject line, Please give us the details to be corrected, your application number/registration number and your CAS number.

I am needing a new CAS to continue my course of study at the University of Strathclyde

If you require more time to complete your course of study, please visit our webpage at Visa extensions in the UK where you will find details on how to apply for your new CAS.   Please note that you cannot request a CAS more than 3 months before your visa expiry date.  All applications received before this time will be rejected.  If you require more than 48 months in total to complete your PhD; you must first get permission from the Vice Dean to extend your maximum period of study then submit the confirmation along with your CAS request form.