International studentsCost of living 2021/22

This estimate is based on the cost of a single room (heating and lighting included) in self-catering University accommodation.  You can download a copy of this information in letter format Cost of Living Letter.

Essential costs

Per week

Per 37-week session (Undergraduate year/Postgraduate diploma year)

Per 50-week session (Postgraduate academic year, taught Masters degree, PhD)


£120 - £175

£4,440 - £6,475


Food, local travel, laundry, entertainment etc.




Bed sheets, towels, plates, cutlery, books and stationery, clothing, graduation fees etc.






£9,555 - £11,590

£12,675 - £15,425

*One or two University residences do not include the cost of heating in the cost of rent so keep this in mind.

These figures are basic averages based on costs current students have given us. When working out your budget you may need to adjust these figures - especially if you wish a more expensive lifestyle. We have not made any allowance in this estimate of costs for any travel you might undertake, or for the cost of shipping your belongings back to your own country at the end of your period of study.

Find out more about these extra costs.

If your studies will last for more than one year you should take into account the annual increase in the UK cost of living – usually between two to three %. Tuition fees also increase each year by a similar amount.

Note: The UK Government’s statutory level of maintenance for Student visa holders, living outside of London, is a minimum of £1,023 per month and £680 per month for every dependant who accompanies the student.

Private rented accommodation

A room in a shared flat can vary between £120 and £175 per week plus your share of bills. For example, it may cost £400 per year for heating.

You may also have to pay for broadband services, see for free and impartial advice. This price comparison calculator is approved and accredited by Ofcom, which means when you compare prices on the site and you're always receiving impartial, up-to-date and comprehensive information.