Australian student Andrew in a lab on campus

Andrew Davies


Andrew Davies is currently studying for his Masters of Science in Wind Energy Systems within our Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering. Find out what he thinks about is Strathclyde experience:

Why did you choose to study at Strathclyde?

I chose to study here because it has a great reputation for the course I'm studying. I also chose it because Glasgow's a great city to live in.

What do you think about the University?

The University is good. The facilities and the lecturers are good. There's a very active student union that gives lots of possibilities for sport and clubs for all kinds. The location is good too - the campus is right in the middle of Glasgow.

How did you find your private rented accommodation?

I came to Glasgow two weeks before the course started, rented a car, called lots of estate agents in the area and drove around for about 10 days and found my flat in the West End. 

What would you say to any international students thinking about going into private rented accommodation here?

Ideally, find a Scottish friend to help you out and understand how the system works. It can be quite different from country to country, as I've discovered. But be persistent and see a lot of flats before you make a decision.

What are the differences between studying in Australia and studying here?

Mostly, the people. In Australia you tend to get people from all over Asia, whereas here you tend to have people from all over Europe.

What do you think about Glasgow?

Glasgow's a great city. The weather's a bit challenging but that's okay. It's big enough that there's everything you like and need - lots of live music, lots of clubs, lots of bars, lots of restaurants. But it's not so big that you get stuck in it; if you want to leave the city and find somewhere beautiful, you can be there in half an hour.

What's it like to live in Glasgow?

I really like it because I'm living far enough away from the city centre that it's a nice, quiet area. At the same time there are nice restaurants and stuff, but I can still be in the city centre in 15 minutes on the train, 20 minutes on a bicycle. It's just a nice compromise.

What would you say to other international students thinking about coming to study at Strathclyde?

Bring a good coat and lots of clothes, but everyone here in Glasgow is really friendly and like I said, you can go and find places to see and hear music, see stand up comedy and go out for a drink. Or you can jump in a car, drive for 45 minutes and walk up one of the mountains around here.