Nefeli Bouti, international student, Greece

Nefeli Bouti


Greek student Nefeli Bouti came to Strathclyde in September 2011. She's in the final year of a joint Honours degree in International Business & Marketing. During her time at the University, Nefeli has served as president of the International Society and is still a committee member. She spent the third year of her course in a study exchange programme in Hong Kong.

Why did you choose Strathclyde?

I liked that Strathclyde offer the joint International Business course with an exchange option. I wanted to have this exchange opportunity, and enjoy the experience it would give me.

What were your thoughts about coming to study in Glasgow?

Scotland is generally well known to be one of the most beautiful places in Europe, if not just in the UK so I was looking forward to coming.

Has it lived up to these expectations?

Yes, I've enjoyed travelling all over Scotland – I have been almost everywhere in the country.

What do you enjoy most about studying/living in Glasgow?

For me it’s an overall experience; Glasgow is a wonderful place and the people, both the locals and internationals are great. Strathclyde is a very good university and everyone here is very helpful.

Where in Glasgow would a Greek person go to get a taste of home?

There are so many Greek people here this year. There weren’t so many in my second year and my third year I spent in Hong Kong. When I came back I was surprised to hear people speaking Greek on almost every corner. There has been a big influx. If I want to feel like I am at home I have no difficulties.

What advice would you give to a prospective international student coming to Strathclyde?

Don’t be afraid. Leaving home and all the people you know is a big step and a big change, no matter how old you are, but I would advise people to take the step. It has been an amazing experience for me.

Having been to Hong Kong last year, would you recommend the study exchange programme to prospective students?

Yes, if you have the opportunity this is something not to be missed.

What’s been the best thing about coming to Strathclyde?

The people, hands down! When I came back from Hong Kong I saw all the banners around the city saying ‘People Make Glasgow’ – I couldn’t agree more with this statement. You can go anywhere in the world – even the most beautiful of places – but if you don’t get on with the people you won’t enjoy it. So for me, the people are the most important thing.