Malaysian student Liya sitting in the Language Centre

Nur Liyana Idzreen Binti Idris


Liya is currently studying for her MSc in Electrical Power Engineering within our Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering. 

Why did you choose to study at Strathclyde?

My parents used to study here! And Strathclyde holds the top ranking for Engineering which was really important to me deciding to study here.

What help have you had from the University as an international student?

The University helped me to find a place to live. I came in two weeks late and they helped me when I arrived by telling me where to go, where to buy food and things. 

What do you think of the University?

It's good. I like it. I like the surroundings, I like the old buildings. It makes me feel...'wow'. It's a great place to study too. The course, the Uni itself...everyone helps each other and the lecturers are really approachable.

What's it been like moving away from home?

Sometimes I feel homesick but because there's such a great Malaysian community here with a lot of gatherings and things, it makes me feel at home.

What's the Malaysian community like here?

It's quite big. There's a lot going on - we have a Malaysian night, a trip to Glenshee, Glencoe and things so it's great. There's always something happening.

What are the differences between studying in Malaysia and studying in Scotland?

Here, the lecturers are so helpful, very, very helpful. We can just go to them and ask a silly question and they'll always help. They push us to study more here too.

What do you think about Glasgow?

Oh, Glasgow is wonderful. I love the culture, the kilts, the bagpipes! I'm really into historical buildings too and Glasgow is full of great architecture.

What advice would you give to other international students considering studying here?

Just come. It's full of surprises, it's full of fun. The weather, everything is so fun. If you come here you won't regret anything.