Quantitative Finance student Thomas Van Wees from the Netherlands

Thomas Van Wees


Thomas came to Strathclyde in September 2014 to study a Masters in Quantitative Finance. Since arriving he found private rented accommodation in the city through Facebook and joined the Investment Society.

Why did you choose to study at Strathclyde?

I chose this University because of the course. The course was really appealing to me and the University has a really good reputation which is really important. I also wanted to study abroad and the UK has a very good education system.

What was the application process like?

It was really easy actually - it was all online. You just upload your undergraduate degree, two reference letters and then it's just an online form process from there. If you need anything you can contact the University too and they get back to you pretty quickly.

Has the University lived up to your expectations?

Yes, definitely. The course is really, really good and there are a lot of additional services you can make use of like careers services which I think is really important for Masters students.

What differences are there between studying in the Netherlands and studying here in the UK?

Attendance is a lot more regulated here. It's recorded in every class here but they don't take attendance at all in the Netherlands. But it's good because it makes you go to all your lectures and don't miss anything.

What challenges have you had as an international student?

When I applied the University accommodation was full so I had to find somewhere to live by myself. Looking back it was quite easy and it only took a week but at the time it was challenging. 

How did you find your private rented accommodation?

I joined as many Facebook groups as possible that were related to Strathclyde and finally I saw someone post an advert offering a room and I replied and got it that way.

Do you enjoy living in Glasgow?

Yeah, I do. It's a very lively city and there's always something going on. When you get to know more and more people you always have things to do.

What's been the best part about coming to Scotland?

It's reconfirmed that I can live on my own in a completely different country in a completely different culture, it makes me proud sometimes.

What advice do you have for anyone considering coming to Strathclyde as an international student?

If you're prepared to work hard and put a lot of effort into your degree, you'll have a great time here.