Abdullah Khan, Advanced Manufacturing, Technology & Systems (MSc) student

Abdullah Khan


Pakistani student Abdullah Khan is studying a postgraduate degree in Advanced Manufacture: Technology & Systems at Strathclyde. Find out more below about why Abdullah chose to study with us and what he enjoys most about Strathclyde and Glasgow.

Why did you choose to study at Strathclyde?

In terms of engineering, it's one of the most renowned universities around the world. The courses offered at Strathclyde are brilliantly designed as they provide the opportunity to work on real life projects.

Had you been to Scotland before? What were your thoughts of the country ahead of coming here?

Yes, I did my undergraduate degree at Glasgow Caledonian University. I came here when I was convinced by a friend that it's a great place to study.

What are the differences between studying at home and in Scotland?

Studying back home is more theoretical compared to studying here. We get to work with amazing companies which enables us to learn more.

What do you enjoy about living in Glasgow?

The people of Glasgow are amazing. Even though the weather is not that great it’s the people who make up for everything. They are the most welcoming, openhearted people in the whole of UK.

How welcoming do you find Strathclyde/Glasgow?

As I said above, it’s the most welcoming place. People are extremely helpful and try to go out of their way to make someone’s life easier.

What advice would you give to an international student thinking of coming to Strathclyde?

If you have found a course you're interested in then don’t hesitate. Strathclyde and Glasgow won’t let you down.

What's the best thing about studying at Strathclyde?

The international nature of it. Most of the students at Strathclyde are from abroad and it gives the university an amazing feeling.

To meet so many people from everywhere around the world and to learn more about their cultures and to see their perspective on things is an amazing privilege.