International student Nigel, from Singapore, in his Prosthetics & Orthotics class

Nigel Wong Yong Jie


Nigel is currently studying for his BSc in Prosthetics & Orthotics here in our Department of Biomedical Engineering.

Why did you choose to study at Strathclyde?

I chose the Uni because of the course. There were only three courses in the world where I could study this course and it would be accepted back home. After researching, I realised Strathclyde was the best in the field.

What help have you had from the University since coming here as an international student?

The University always emails you with different activities and trips you can go on. It also allows the societies to organise a lot of events you can go to. The course helps international students feel more at home here too.

What do you think of the University?

It's really nice. I like the city campus because it makes everything very convenient. I think the culture here is really good where they emphasise on a lot of feedback too - the lecturers are always telling you how you can improve, which is great.

What's your favourite thing about the University so far?

My friends from the course because we're such a small group so everyone is so close. I've also managed to see the life of a Scottish person through them because they show me around and things. 

What's it been like moving away from home?

At the start, it felt more like a holiday but after that comes slight homesickness where you miss your family and friends back home but after a while you really enjoy it. I'm really thankful to be here because I get to experience another culture in another society which grants me a better appreciation of what I have back home.

What differences are there between studying back home in Singapore and studying here in the UK?

The teaching style if different here - it's a lot more hands on and self-directed. I feel like here we get to understand what we're learning better and appreciate the things we're learning.

What do you think about Glasgow?

Oh Glasgow weather! It's been really nice - I've never seen snow in my life before so seeing snow was so magical. Scotland itself is really nice, it has a rugged nature to it - really beautiful.

What advice do you have for other international students thinking of coming to study here?

Be open. Have an open mind set and be willing to take on challenges if they come your way because these are great opportunities you might not have in the future.