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Postgraduate researchHow to apply

PGR Application System Guide

This guide is designed to assist in the completion of our online application form:

To begin the application

  1. Click the ‘Apply’ button on the website and create a Postgraduate Research User Profile, then click Submit
  2. Confirm your details and agree to our Terms and Conditions and click ‘Submit'
  3. An email will be sent to the email address used when creating the user profile. This contains a link to confirm profile with your username and password. Click the link in the email to confirm your profile
  4. Once the user profile is confirmed, click ‘Pegasus Login Page’ link
  5. Use username and password from the email to log into your application
  6. Complete Personal Details section of the application by clicking on the name of each section

 Continue to complete your user profile

  1. Click save after entering details in each section
  2. When a section has been completed, the red cross changes to a green tick
  3. When completing the application, use the links in the right hand corner of the screen to work through all of the tabs
  4. Use the ‘Help Links’ throughout the application when completing each section
  5. You should upload relevant documents to your application. Ensure that you upload an academic transcript to your application. Your application could be delayed if you do not do this.

Personal user profile as part of Postgraduate research application guide


12. In the referee section, add the details of two referees. The University will not contact your referees, it is your responsibility to obtain references and upload them to your application

 Your referee details tab as part of postgraduate research application guide

13. Once the Personal Details section has been completed, the entire section will show as a green tick personal details tab of Postgraduate research application guide

Create your programme application

14. Click on ‘Create New Application’ to complete the application for the research programme you wish to apply to

Image of creating a new application guide on postgraduate research application guide


15. Use the drop down list to choose the programme you wish to apply for. View the Postgraduate Research course page to help locate the required Department and Qualification/Course. All our research programmes are linked to an academic department

16. Add the details of study. Your area of research should be a short title. You can upload your research proposal at this point in the application

17. If you have an academic that you would like to be your supervisor, select their name from the list. There is no guarantee that you will be allocated your preferred supervisor

18. Only answer the question on studying outwith the University if you have an agreement to study at Strathclyde and another University/research laboratory/institution/external company

View of study details in Postgraduate research application guide

19. Indicate how you will be funding your research degree. Provide as much information as possible. If you already have a sponsor, you should upload a copy of the letter confirming this

Funding details tab on Postgraduate research application guide

Upload files/documents to support your application

20. Click on View/Upload documents. Click on Add File.

 File upload tab on Postgraduate research application guide

21. Choose a file type. This should match the document that you are uploading. For example, if you are uploading an academic transcript, pick Academic Transcript from the list

22. Name the file appropriately, for example BSc Chemistry Transcript

Adding a file tab on Postgraduate research application guide

23. Click on Choose File to find your file, then click on Upload Now

Uploading a file on Postgraduate research application guide

Submit your Application

24. Review your application to make sure you have answered everything correctly, then click on Submit Application. You will be required to accept the application declaration before your application is fully submitted

25. Your application will be ready to submit once all of the sections have been completed and show as a green tick


Checking completed sections as part of Postgraduate research application guide

26. Once submitted, log into your application.  The Application Status will show as Application submitted

Application status tab as part of Postgraduate research application guide

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