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Electrical Steels: Magnetic properties enhancement using alternative manufacturing processes

Working with the AFRC's Tier 1 Members this PhD proposal is a collaboration between Cogent-Power and AFRC on the development and advancement of electric steel (E-steel) technologies for electrical vehicles.

Number of places



Home fee, Stipend


15 August 2019


30 December 2019


4 years


Applications are welcome from all who possess or are about to obtain a first class or 2.1 BEng (Hons), MEng or MSc degree, or equivalent EU/International qualification, in a relevant discipline.

Applications from Home, Rest of UK and EU students will receive funding of the home fee and stipend.

International Students are welcome to apply but should be aware of the additional funding requirements and will have to provide evidence that they can pay the difference in fees of circa £16k per annum.

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Individuals interested in this project should email Dr Dorothy Evans at, along with the title of project you are applying for and attach your most up-to-date cv.

Project Details

This PhD work is about enhancement of magnetic properties of electrical steels using alternative manufacturing processes. This 4-year work is supported by Cogent-Power (as a part of Tata-Steel business) and Scottish Research Partnership in Engineering (SRPe).

The winding core of electric motors is manufactured from a laminate of Electrical steels (E-steels). This E-steel component is key in transforming electrical energy to mechanical torque. From a metallurgical-point-of-view, the microstructure/texture of the E-steel laminate, which controls the magnetic properties, has a great impact on the energy efficiency of the motors.  The fundamental objective of this PhD work is to investigate the effect of thermomechanical processing and annealing parameters on the final microstructure/texture of the manufactured part and consequently, on their magnetic properties. This work will target the final stages of cold/warm forming and annealing of a low-Si content and an ultrahigh-Si E-steel. This PhD work also addresses the industrial challenge of forming the 6.5%Si E-steel due to its poor mechanical properties.  This work will address this major challenge and the key questions to be addressed are to:

  • Develop and optimise thermomechanical processes on E-steel sheets
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of microstructure/texture evolution of E-steel during thermomechanical processes and final annealing in order to establish a correlation between process parameters and development of microstructure/texture. 
  • Suggest an alternative thermomechanical process on ultra-high Si E-steels to develop an appropriate texture during manufacturing for magnetic applications. 

Study the influence of chemical composition of E-steels on their magnetic properties.

This PhD work will take place at the AFRC and would be the first collaborative research work between AFRC and Cogent-Power. In addition to AFRC, there are several other academics would support the PhD student along with the Cogent-Power.

Funding Details

This fully-funded industrial PhD opportunity will cover Home and EU Fees and Stipend.

We will accept applications from international students who can confirm in their email application that they are able to pay the difference between the Home and International fees (approximately £16,000 per annum). If you are unable to cover this cost the application will be rejected.



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Capabilities include:

  • High integrity forging and thermal processing
  • Materials evolution, component resilience, and residual stress
  • Near net shape design and make
  • Sheet processing technology
  • Digitalisation, technology planning of process and supply chains

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If you are interested in this brilliant opportunity and wish to apply, please send your CV along with the area that you are interested in for the attention of Dr Dorothy Evans to