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Integrated Model Based Engineering in Naval Systems Design

Working with BAE Systems Maritime, this research aims to investigate integrating spatial and functional models to ensure early concept design properties are upheld as the design develops in the systems engineering environment.

Number of places



Home fee, Stipend


1 June 2018


31 December 2018


36 months


Applications from Home/Rest of UK/EU

Project Details

Are you looking for a PhD with a strong industrial component?


Not only will this PhD broaden your horizons, ensure you have a full suite of skills and understanding straight from industrial operations, but will also give your CV a competitive edge upon graduation.

Working with BAE Systems Maritime, who operate several of the small number of shipyards in the world capable of designing and manufacturing naval ships and submarines, provides a rare insight into a globally leading company, whilst also allowing your research to make a difference.

The research will develop an architecture that ensures an integrated model based systems engineering approach is followed. Standards for functional design development will be explored, and if necessary developed, in order to define which steps need to be taken for the key aspects of the functional design to be embedded during design development and cope with design uncertainty and gaps. Finally the architecture will be evaluated by demonstrating its ability to enable functional requirements fulfilment, functional properties development, and their integration with the spatial aspects of the design.‎

Not sure what to expect? Dr Tiffany Imron who recently completed a BAE Systems based PhD within DMEM shares her experience,

Doing a PhD with industry provides a unique experience. It was very dynamic as I was not required to be in front of the computer doing research all of the time. I got the chance to be in the company, learn about the company, and work with a variety of different people across the company. It was also good to know that my research outcome would contribute to industry practice, not just to knowledge.

 Throughout my PhD journey, Professor Duffy was fully engaged and encouraging, which I believe was key to my success. He supports his students by helping them use their own ability to earn the PhD. Anyone would be lucky to have him as a supervisor, I can’t recommend him enough.

The role of DMEM was also important. They were accommodating on my research needs. Through DMEM, I had the opportunity to chair workshops in a multi-national company and at an international design conference to evaluate the model that I have developed as part of my PhD. It was my first experience chairing a (relatively) big international group by myself, and having done it successfully it significantly increased my confidence levels.”  


Professor Alex Duffy

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Joint between University of Strathclyde and BAE Systems

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