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Quantum-Enhanced Radar

Can we see an object by shining undetectable light on it? If the light is undetectable surely we won’t see the object. The solution could be to use entanglement to make light that only we can detect via its quantum correlations. To the object being viewed such light could be indistinguishable from the background.

Number of places



1 July 2017



BSc (Hons) 2:1 or equivalent degree in physics


Scholarships (fees and stipend) available on a competitive basis for UK students, please contact supervisor for details.

Project Details

This fully-funded project will concentrate on the theory of producing and using such light, moving from fundamental physics studies to analysing realistic scenarios. There will be opportunity to contribute to a closely-related experimental PhD studentship project under Dr. Jonathan Pritchard. The project will use fundamental quantum optics, atomic physics and quantum information. These fields, through the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme are beginning to impact on technology and this project represents an opportunity for a high-quality student to contribute to the forefront of both Physics and this emerging technology.

The project is available to UK Nationals only and is funded jointly by UK Industry and the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme via the QuantIC Quantum Enhanced Imaging Hub.

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