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Electrohydrodynamics of Droplet Pairs

The project involves studying the dynamics of a pair of droplets subject to electric ˝elds. The well-known stan-dard methods of solving Laplace and Stokes equations in-volving singularity solutions will be employed. See below for some related papers on the topic.

Number of places



Home fee


29 January 2021


14 March 2021


36 months


Qualifications: A bachelors degree (upper second class honours or higher) in Mathematics or a related subject like Mechanical, Chemical Engineering or Physics is required. Applicant should have taken at least one undergraduate course on Fluid Mechanics (any advanced Fluid Mechanics course is highly desirable). Some experience in basic coding in any programming language is a plus.

Project Details

Mathematics and statistics are at the heart of all scientific and engineering disciplines. Strathclyde has a strong international reputation in the use of mathematical modelling and analysis to solve many problems relevant to industry, business and wider society. The department's research interests are in Applied Analysis, Continuum Mechanics & Industrial Mathematics (CMIM), Numerical Analysis & Scientific Computing, Population Modelling & Epidemiology, and Stochastic Analysis.

A large number of faculty members in the CMIM group are interested in problems related to fluid mechanics. The study of droplet electrohydrodynamics is a classic fluid mechanical problem, pioneered by G. I. Taylor and has continued to intrigue scientists to the present day. The proposed research project will further the field of droplet EHD by studying the dynamics of a pair of interacting droplets in an electric field. Some articles relevant to the project can be found in the references below. The student will be jointly supervised by Dr Debasish Das and Prof Stephen Wilson. Visit the webpages below for more details.

Funding Details

The studentship covers home fees and stipend (UKRI minimum level - currently £15,609 for 21/22). All candidates are eligible, but international candidates would need to pay the fees difference between Home and Overseas rates. The duration of PhD is 36 months (extendable depending on availability of extra funds). Apply by March 14th, 2021 for full consideration.