Postgraduate research opportunities

Quantum Technologies: Atom Interferometry

A fully-funded position to undertake research in the ground-breaking field of quantum sensing and measurement, after the first year specialising in Atom Interferometry.

Number of places



1 June 2020


BSc (Hons) 2:1 or equivalent degree in physics

Scholarships (fees and stipend) available on a competitive basis for UK students, please contact supervisor for details.

Project Details

The possibility of using interference of coherent matter-waves offers tantalising levels of potential accuracy for measurement devices. A particular application of interest is that of rotation sensing with applications in quantum-based, autonomous navigation devices. The student will join research programmes in BEC interferometry at Strathclyde in the development of a Bose-Einstein condensate atom interferometer device. A key aim is the demonstration of integrated optics and BEC interferometry. This project would ultimately inform the translation of chip-based BEC technology into a practical navigation tool.

This project is funded within the UK Quantum Technologies Program, offering a fully funded PhD position within the Experimental Quantum Optics & Photonics group at Strathclyde, lead in collaboration by Prof Erling Riis, Dr Aidan Arnold, and Dr Paul Griffin. The group is closely linked with other Quantum Technology Hubs exploiting Strathclyde’s position as the only University to be involved in all four hubs in both phases of funding.

  • B. I. Robertson, A. R. MacKellar, J. Halket, A. Gribbon, J. D. Pritchard, A. S. Arnold, E. Riis, and P. F. Griffin, Detection of Applied and Ambient Forces with a Matterwave Magnetic-Gradiometer, Phys. Rev. A 96, 053622 (2017)
  • Y. Zhai, C.H. Carson, V.A. Henderson, P.F. Griffin, E. Riis and A.S. Arnold, Talbot-enhanced, maximum-visibility imaging of condensate interferencearxiv:1707.08088 (2017)
  • V. A. Henderson, P. F. Griffin, E. Riis, A. S. Arnold, Comparative simulations of Fresnel holography methods for atomic waveguidesNew J. Phys. 18 025007 (2016)

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