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Advanced image analysis of semiconductor structures

This project is focussed on advanced modern image analysis and pattern recognition methods to study the microscopy and spectroscopy of semiconductor structures and devices. Developing automated and robust methods to look at images and video will revolutionise this area.

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Home fee, Stipend


23 March 2018



BSc (Hons) 2:1 or equivalent degree in physics/chemistry…..


Scholarships (fees and stipend) available on a competitive basis for UK/EU students, please contact supervisor for details.

Project Details

Recent advances in algorithms and computing power have produced new methods which, for some problems, can outperform human expertise in data analysis, image processing and pattern recognition. These techniques have been used to examine and analyse features in single and multiple images, as well as video footage. such machine learning approaches are beginning to revolutionise areas including astronomy, medicine and machine vision.

This project aims to apply some of these new techniques to rapidly and accurately examine experimental data generated by the Semiconductor and Spectroscopy (SSD) Group using nanoscale scanning electron probe and microscopy measurements of semiconductor nano-structures.

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