Postgraduate research opportunities

Quantum Information Theory

An EPSRC funded studentship in theoretical quantum information, specifically the relationship between decoherence, non-classicality, and the efficacy of quantum information tasks.

Number of places



1 January 2017



BSc (Hons) 2:1 or equivalent degree in physics


No funding has been allocated for this project. Applications from strong candidates will be considered and funding sought if deemed suitable.

Project Details

Quantum information Processing (QIP) is a new scientific field that studies how information may be stored and manipulated in systems obeying the laws of quantum physics. Quantum systems lead to novel ways of information processing, such as quantum computation, cryptography and teleportation. In order to better understand how quantum principles can enhance our ability to process information, this project will extend the Ancilla Driven Quantum Computation (ADQC) model developed by the supervisor and co-workers. We will investigate the information transfer and quantum measurement back-action effects of system-ancilla couplings, operationally characterising their QIP power. 

The applicant should have or expected to be awarded a minimum of a 2.1 degree in physics or a related subject. The ideal applicant should be curious, and should have an interest in developing their analytical and numerical skills. 

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