Postgraduate research opportunities

Raman probes to determine cellular redox potential

The discovery of new medicines to treat disease requires the identification, understanding and validation of biological pathways and targets. This project resides in the Healthcare technologies theme, aligning with the growth area of Chemical Biology and the areas of Analytical Science and Synthetic Organic Chemistry.

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7 April 2020


Up to 4 years


2.1 honours degree or above in chemistry or related subject.

Project Details

Altering the redox environment within a cell can give rise to changes that result in disease. The ability to sense and determine a cellular redox potential would allow for basic biological investigation and the discovery of new targets for drug discovery. We will develop environmentally sensitive Raman active probe molecules capable of determining the redox environment in cells using bioinformatics and AI technologies to understand the data generated.

How to apply

Please email Prof. Tomkinson your CV and any funding details that you have.