Continuing students – International T4 Visa

You must register each year before starting your course in order to confirm your personal, financial and academic details.

You need to register before the start of your course as this signifies your intention to continue with your course at the University of Strathclyde.

Please do not attempt to register until we have emailed you to say that registration is open. This will be early August 2018 for Session 2018/19.

Under UKVI Regulations the University is required to report any Tier 4 student who has failed to register within ten working days of the start date of their course. If you fail to register, once reported your visa will be curtailed and you’ll be unable to continue on your course of study.

1. Payment of tuition fees

Please ensure that you’ve made arrangements to pay your tuition fees before you register. Get further details about tuition fees & methods of payment:

2. Register online
  • Logon to PEGASUS using your username and password. If you’ve forgotten your password go to our help page on “how to reset your password
  • Fill out all the registration criteria.  You’ll be required to confirm/provide the following information:
    • your curriculum for the academic session (undergraduate students only)
    • your personal details including contact information
    • how your tuition fees will be paid
  • Click the 'Register Now' button and accept the University ‘Terms and Conditions’ to complete your registration

By completing registration you agree to abide by the University rules.

Replacement student card

If you’ve lost your student card or need a replacement student card, please go to the Replacement Student Card webpage for information on how to request one.

Data Protection

The personal data we keep about you will be processed on institutional machinery include web tools and other internet software according to Data Protection Principles.  For more details please see our Data Protection webpages.