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Digital Inclusion Small Grant

The University of Strathclyde Digital Inclusion Small Grant provides a small grant to students experiencing hardship or financial challenges in purchasing appropriate equipment to access online learning.  

It is open to RUK undergraduate students and Home and RUK postgraduate students. It is funded with monies from the Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) and is a partner scheme to the Digital Inclusion Programme Technology Loan.

  • Number of scholarships Variable
  • Value Laptop grant: £500, wifi access grant: £150.
  • Opens 25 September 2020
  • Deadline 17 December 2021
  • Help with Equipment and study costs
  • Duration One award per academic year per applicant


The fund is open to students who have "Home" or "RUK" fees status. ("RUK" students are students funded by Student Finance England, Wales or Northern Ireland) 

Students must demonstrate a significant financial obstacle to purchasing a laptop or paying for wifi access. For undergraduate students, this will normally be assessed by reference to your assessed household income: if your household income for Student Finance is £33,999 or less you will be considered for a grant. Care experiecned RUK students are also included. SAAS funded undergraduates who are eligible for the Digital Inclusion Programme technology loan will be considered for that scheme in the first instance. 

Postgraduate applicants must demonstrate that they face a significant financial obstacle to purchasing appropriate equipment.


Further Information

Successful applicants who need support for a laptop purchase will receive a grant to £500.

Those needing support with accessing an appropriate internet connection will receive an award of £150

Students may be referred directly for consideration from the Discretionary Fund and Digital Inclusion Programme.