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REA Scholarship Education : Poverty, income dynamics and developmental trajectories in early and late childhood

The impact of poverty on children’s developmental outcomes (e.g., cognitive, behavioural, and health related) is a major concern for researchers, policy makers and practitioners around the world. While research exploring the association between economic deprivation and childhood outcomes abound, there are three significant limitations in our existing knowledge.

First, the mechanism by which economic deprivation leads to poor developmental outcomes remains unclear.

Second, existing studies mainly focus on pathways from poverty to a single developmental outcome rather than considering effects on multiple outcomes and the dynamic interrelationship between these outcomes.

Finally, there is limited research into the effect of differing dynamics of income poverty on developmental outcomes.

The PhD will aim to address these important issues in order to deepen our understanding of the relationship between family income dynamics and developmental outcomes in childhood. The study will be undertaken using existing large scale prospective longitudinal data sets in the UK and abroad. It will capitalise on recent advancements in longitudinal analytic techniques such as latent growth modelling, growth mixture modelling, or Bayesian analysis to advance knowledge in the field.

  • Number of scholarships 1
  • Value £14,510
  • Opens 20 January 2017
  • Deadline 3 April 2017
  • Help with Tuition fees, Living costs, Travel costs
  • Duration 3 years


Applicants must have an undergraduate honours degree with a classification of at least second class upper in the disciplines of psychology, education or social science.
A Masters degree will be strongly preferred.
A strong background and understanding of quantitative methods is preferrable.
Applicants may also have other experience or skills which are relevant to this project.

Further Information

Further information on the project can be obtained from Dr Edward Sosu (Education) and Dr Simon Hunter (Psychology)

Contact us

Email :


How to apply

Candidates must apply on-line via PEGASUS at and choose “PhD Education”.  
Candidates should include: 
• CV 
• Research proposal of no more than 1000 words, which includes a clear research question, and explanation of why it is highly original, and an outline of a timetable for tackling the project. 
• Covering letter describing in detail your interest in and suitability for undertaking this project 
• Degree transcripts (this may be an interim transcript if you are still studying) 
• *Two academic references
*These may be provided directly from your referees if they would prefer and should be sent to no later than the deadline of 20th March. Email subject should contain: applicant name + phrases “Reference” and “REA Application”