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Strathclyde Business School Access Bursaries (England, Wales, Northern Ireland)

We have awards of £500-£1000 for English, Welsh and Northern Irish students for their first year of study at the Strathclyde Business School (Business School of the Year 2016 - Times Higher Education Awards).

  • Value £500/1000
  • Opens 12 May 2021
  • Deadline 20 August 2021
  • Help with Tuition fees, Living costs, Travel costs, Equipment and study costs
  • Duration One off payment


This scholarship is only for English, Welsh and Northern Irish students who receive a University of Strathclyde Access Bursary. On receipt of an application which meets the Access Criteria, the Business School will top this up in January of your first year of study with us. When you return to start Semester 2, you'll receive between £500 and £1,000, depending on income.

Level of incomeStrathclyde Access BursaryBandBusiness School Access Bursary
Up to £25,000 £3,000 A £1,000
£25,001 to £35,000 £2,000 B £500
£35,001 to £42,641 £1,000 C £500


Further Information

The University of Strathclyde University was established in 1796 by Professor John Anderson to be a ‘place of useful learning and to attract the best students regardless of their background. That founding ethos is still a key value of the University today, and we welcome applications from a wide range of students.

Strathclyde Business School – Access Bursary: for students who receive a University of Strathclyde Access Bursary, the Business School will top this up in January of your first year of study with us, on your return to start the 2nd Semester, with a ‘welcome back’ of £1,000 for those in Access Band A and £500 for those in Access Bands B and C.  The scheme will be administered alongside the University Access Bursary.

These bursaries apply to the following Business School degrees:

1) BA Honours Business – 4 year degree towards joint or single Honours in named subject(s):

Breadth and depth of study, with the opportunity to tailor your studies to your career and study interests: subjects offered -

  • Accounting
  • Business Analysis and Technology
  • Business Enterprise
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Marketing

2) BBA, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a 3 year Honours degree, open to well-qualified students who would normally be considered for second year entry into the traditional Scottish four-year Honours degree – study towards general BBA or in a named subject.

3) BA Honours International Business – 4 year degree with at least 1 semester of study at a partner international business school, studying in English.

4) Integrated Masters in International Business & Modern Languages – 5 year degree to Masters level award, with 1 year of study at a partner international business school studying classes in your main modern language.

How to apply

Applicants must be in receipt of a University of Strathclyde Access Bursary and the Business School Bursary will be applied automatically alongside the main University scheme.  Any queries should be directed to the Business School Faculty & Undergraduate Office

To read how we process personal data, applicants can review our 'Privacy Notice for Student Applicants and Potential Applicants' on our Privacy notices' web page.